It’s Back-To-School Time!

The playful and eventful summer days will soon return to more structured learning days as most kids return to school for another year. Sometimes, this shift in routine can become hectic and stressful for kids and parents alike. Follow the tips below, provided by medical professionals, to help kick off a good start to the new school year!

For general health, sleep is equally as important as diet and exercise. Most healthy children need eight to ten hours of sleep each night. Insufficient sleep can be associated with lower academic achievement and students are also less likely to concentrate and learn as well as they can. To help establish a sleep routine, set a consistent bedtime, put away all electronic devices including the TV, avoid caffeine, and try to keep the home as quiet and calm as possible when children are in bed.

Children and adults begin spending more time together when going back to school, which also puts individuals at a greater risk of exposure to germs. According to some physicians, the most common illnesses that spread through school are pink eye; strep throat; head lice; and hand, foot and mouth disease. Be sure to keep your child home if he or she is experiencing symptoms of vomiting, diarrhea, fever or lethargy. There are vaccinations for common illnesses like the flu, but for others, the best prevention is thorough, frequent hand washing, covering coughs and sneezes, and teaching kids not to share food or drinks with others.

As students are waiting for the bus or passing time in between classes, it’s becoming increasingly more common to see many personal listening devices and headphones. Dangerously loud sounds or music can damage hearing in a matter of seconds or minutes. Try to purchase volume-limiting headphones and educate your children on safe listening habits. Always protect your hearing: block the noise, avoid the noise and turn down the volume!

Foods rich in protein, omega-3 fats, calcium and vitamins are essential for your kids’ well-being. Many of these foods will help fuel healthy brains and give children the energy they need to be successful in coursework. As we all know, studies have shown that we all can perform better if we are eating a balanced diet which includes a healthy breakfast. It is always important for adults to be a role model for a healthy diet.

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