February is National Heart Month. This February, learn more about heart health so that you may have the knowledge you need to live a healthy-heart life and deal with potential heart emergencies.

According to Cleveland Clinic, heart attacks cause more deaths in the US every year than all forms of cancer combined. Coronary artery disease, the disease that causes heart attacks, is largely preventable (Cleveland Clinic, 2018). As Cleveland Clinic physicians recommend (Cleveland Clinic, 2018), “ask your doctor to measure your blood pressure, blood sugar and LDL cholesterol levels.” Knowing your family history and your risk of hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol will help your doctor determine your individual risk for heart disease. Also with this information, your doctor can recommend and discuss the medications or lifestyle changes you need. Some studies and reports have suggested a change in diet and exercise may decrease your risk for heart disease; talk to your doctor to see if any changes are necessary (Cleveland Clinic, 2018).


ABC News provides some helpful information regarding subtle signs and symptoms you can monitor to keep your heart and body healthy. Watch for these signs and consider speaking to your doctor if you experience the following: extreme fatigue, feet swelling, extreme pain when walking or moving, feeling dizzy or light-headed, shortness of breath even though you are fit, and migraines (ABC News, 2018). It is important to note that these symptoms can be caused by other health conditions. Talk to your doctor to discuss whether or not any symptoms you are experiencing could be pointing to your heart. If you are concerned about your own heart health, or the health of a loved one, speak to your doctor to get the answers you need to keep your heart healthy!




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